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So how can you help me?

We can convert and optimizing your design into valid xHTML / CSS code and optionally we can implement it in CMS of your choice to save you precious time and headaches at very fair price. Dynamic rollovers and basic drop down menus are all included in the PSD to HTML markup base price but custom features and more complex Javascript developments are charged separately. We also document the code to allow easy editing and modification in the future.

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Do you deliver your PSD to HTML with cross browser compatibility?
Cross Browser Compatibility

Yes. We do. By default we offer our coding services with cross browser compatibility. We support and test our code in all major web browsers.

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Do you offer Cufon/@font-face?

Yes. We're very experienced with Cufon as well as @font-face and we can implement it in your markup but you will need to provide us necessary font files in .ttf or .otf format. Also there are no extra charges for Cufon/@font-face implementation.

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Can you help me with a design?

At this moment, No. Right now we are only focusing on markup services and the delivery of that service to the highest standards.

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Do you develop Flash animations?

We don't offer flash animation development services. Although if your website have a flash element then please upload it with other design drafts and provide very specific information about where you plan to place these flash elements.

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I want my PSD to HTML markup to be integrated in my BLOG/CMS. Can I count on you?

Sure. We can integrate your design in any popular CMS/Blogging platform. We offer integration services for Wordpress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, Cubecart and Magento. Integration for these applications are charged separately and depending on the application as well as complexity of artwork. Contact us for a quote.

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Do you offer discounts?

Absolutely. Additional Subpage price is discounted by 50%. And we also offer discounts based on volume, the greater the volume, the larger the discount. Contact us for a quote.

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How do you charge for work?

To keep is very simple, we charge by number of pages. A new page is any page that uses a different layout and design. So just count them up when you place your order. Multiple page orders are automatically discounted. If we come across an unusually complex layout, implementation and/or custom scripting requirements or other anomaly, we contact you immediately if additional work will be required at our end to deliver the results.

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What file format should I send you?

We take "Unflattened" layered PSD, PNG, AI and even existing markup as source files. But you can send us your design in high quality PNG, PSD, AI, JPG, GIF. Please also include custom fonts if necessary.

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I need my site re-sliced. What kind of files shall I send then?

Please supply us with the site files to work from - html, css, images, script files, etc that are used to display your site. The screenshots of the desired look of the pages would be handy as well, to make sure that the final markup looks like it was intended to.

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Can I customize code and CSS for future changes?

100%, markup is fully customizable. We do not encrypt or lock code so you or your designer can update files any time.

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How does PSD to HTML service work?

The process is very simple:

  1. Submit your order. Upload all your design drafts along with necessary instructions on our server.
  2. Once we confirm order and delivery, we will proceed with the slicing your design and code it.
  3. On delivery day/time, we will send you notification and you can download your files from our client's section.

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How do you deliver your work?

We zip all necessary files and upload them in your account section for your download. We can also email you on your registered email address but we will need prior request for that.

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When my orders are processed?

Place your order anytime but orders are processed during business hours (10AM-7PM GMT+8 M-F) because delivery days are business days and hours are business hours. If you place your order after 1PM (GMT+8) or off business hours then your order will processed on the start of the next business day. Let us know if you want a delivery over weekend. We will need to arrange resources for you over the weekend, so please request this in advance as it's not included in the basic pricing packages.

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When my order will deliver?

Delivery days are business days (M-F, excluding weekends). Expect your delivery before the end of chosen delivery days. Any order for 1 business day delivery submitted after Friday 1PM (GMT+8) will be scheduled to deliver on Monday. So make sure you submit your order accordingly and contact us in case of any confusion. Flattened PSD designs or designs utilizing JPEG files generally will also take longer to deliver. Custom JavaScript features might also delay your delivery.

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I ordered 10 PSD to HTML pages in one day. Is that Okay?

Any order of more then 3 pages will be processed in minimum of 2 business days. And for each additional page we will require approximately 3-4 business hours depending on complexity. If you need a very urgent delivery then let us know, we will discuss it as it's not included in the basic pricing packages.

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Do you guarantee delivery time?

Yes, we offer quality and affordable markup development services in time. It's possible that your design might have lots of complexities to code, in that case we do have to confirm that your delivery is possible in that given time before we start. We have to evaluate artwork and requirements before we commit to deadlines and pricing. If we come across an unusually complex layout, implementation and/or custom scripting requirements or other anomaly, we contact you immediately if additional work will be required at our end to deliver the results. Custom JavaScript features might also delay your delivery.

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How can I pay?

We accept payments via PayPal and 2Checkout (credit card) because it's easy to use and secure.

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I don't have PayPal, only credit card. How do I pay?

That is not a problem, you don't need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal. PayPal also accepts all major credit and debit cards. All you have to do is enter your credit card details and complete the order. But if you are not able to use PayPal for some reason, you can pay on 2Checkout with your credit card. If you need more info, please feel free to contact us.

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What currency do you work with?

All prices are in USD (United States Dollar).

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When do I pay?

We'd prefer an upfront payment but if your order sum is large, then drop us an email and we will make necessary arrangements for you. For bulk order, we usually require 50% deposit before we begin. If payment is made via eCheck then we will have to wait until eCheck payment clear that usually takes about 3-5 days.

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What if I need something fixed in converted PSD to HTML files?

Typically these're not necessary, but if we've missed something from the design then let us know and we will fix it for you.

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How to receive support if I have issues with PSD to HTML code?

We back our projects and offer support if you are not satisfied with the quality of the markup/code. If you are not happy, we are not happy. We will do our best to keep you happy and satisfied customer.

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I don't want my client to know I outsource!

We don't talk about our clients and respect their privacy. If you prefer we can also sign Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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